A Private Pilot License allows you to fly more than 1 passenger (depending on aircraft type and the relevant rating) and is the first step in obtaining a CPL.

Training is done in our 2-seater, locally designed and manufactured Sling or BushCat aircraft. The course includes:

  • A starter pack that incorporates textbooks and related study materials
  • A Student Pilot Licence that is valid for 24 months
  • 30 hours of dual flight training with an instructor
  • 15 hours of solo flight training
  • 25 hours of ground school briefings (theoretical training)
  • 7 SACAA exams – Air Law, Principles of Flight, Aircraft Technical & General, Flight Planning & Performance, Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance. All exams require 75% to be considered a pass
  • Restricted radio course with textbook and exam
  • A final flight test and briefing
  • PPL on achievement that is valid for 12 months
  • Aero Club membership (EAA 322) for a year

In addition to the above, the student must obtain a Class II Medical certificate, a language proficiency certificate and must be at least 17 years old. All flights are weather dependent and restricted to daytime flying only. Ground school briefings are one-on-one, while the restricted radio course is a group course. The 45 hours of flight time is the minimum required by SACAA and are largely dependent on the student’s frequency of flight training as well as their natural ability. You will not be permitted to fly for commercial gain.

Our Passionate and suitably qualified instructors offer
Pilot training in the Locally
Designed and Manufactured Sling 2 & BushCat Aircraft
Experience the thrill of flight in Our Sling 2 & BushCat Aircraft
Johannesburg Flying Academy offers Hire & Fly /Hour building in our South African
Designed and Manufactured Sling 2 and BushCat Aircraft
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    “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
    Leonardo da Vinci