FOREIGN VALIDATIONS ( 28 day / 5 Year )

28 Day foreign validation

Prior to arrival:

  • Apply for a short-term validation 60 days prior to arrival to afford enough time for verification of the licence with the country of issue
  • Pay the applicable fee as per Part 18T
  • Above info to be communicated with Amanda Haverkamp –  at SACAA (please copy JFA into these emails)

On arrival:

  • Conduct a Competency Check with a Gr l, Gr Il Flight instructor or DFE. (+/- 2 hours flight time)
  • Receive a briefing covering local radio procedures, Air Law aspects, airspaces, and density altitude. (+/- 2 Hours)

The following documents are required to be submitted for the issuance of the validation certificate:

  • Letter confirming date of arrival and departure and details of aircraft to be used
  • Application form (CA 61.01.15)
  • Certified copy of valid foreign licence
  • Certified copy of valid foreign medical
  • Certified copy of valid passport
  • Certified copy of logbook (last three pages – inclusive of competency check endorsement)
  • An applicant who meets the above requirements may be issued with a 28-day validation for private VFR flying/recreational flying by day (Part 61, 62, 68 and 69)

5 Year foreign validation

The applicant must email a request directly to CAA in order to apply for a licence number

Contact details Amanda Haverkamp – 

Please include the following documentation:

  • A copy of your valid foreign licence
  • A copy of your valid foreign medical
  • A copy of valid passport
  • A motivational letter requesting a South African license number in order to write the exams for a South African Validation
  • Last 3 pages of your logbook including a dated 12-month flight Summary, e.g. 01/10/2018 – 31/10/2019

SACAA will request verification with foreign authorities

This process of verifying the application with the foreign governing body/CAA may take 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on their response. Once the SACAA sends you an email confirming the licence number, you can proceed and book the required examinations.

Johannesburg Flying Academy will assist in submitting the below documentation to CAA.

  • CA61-01.15 (Original)
  • Passport certified copy
  • Valid foreign licence (Indicating Class/Type Ratings and Language Proficiency) certified copy
  • Valid original RSA Medical/Original certified copy a foreign medical certified copy
  • Logbook Copies of the last 3 pages & 12 Month Summary certified copy
    • Dates must be indicated as the last 12 months “From – To – Date”, e.g. 01/10/2018 – 31/10/2019
    • Dual: …
    • PIC: …
    • Grand total hours: …
  • Endorsement summary certified copy
  • Endorsement of all Class/Type Ratings/Instrument Ratings) certified copy
  • Electronic Logbooks must be initialled by the applicant on each page certified copy
  • 2 colour passport photos 
  • Letter of Request for Type/Class Ratings to be transferred (If required)
  • Initial Fee for SACAA PPL or CPL
  • SACAA verification approval,copy of the email.

The above documents must be submitted with CA61-01.15 for the SACAA to issue your validation licence.  In the event of the Maintenance of Competency being maintained e.g. Medical Validity and Instrument Rating, a 5-year validation may be granted.

  • There are two examinations that you will need to pass with at least 75% and these are:
  • VFR – Air Law (PPL/CPL)
  • IFR – Air Law and Procedures (ATPL)

The following requirements can be completed at Johannesburg Flying Academy:

  • Minimum 2 hour briefing , South African Air law & Airspace briefing
  • Aircraft technical
  • Air law exam
  • 2 hours minimum check ride, short navigation demonstrating various VFR routes including the JHB corridor.
  • Initial skills test/conversion (original) must be initiated and submitted to SACAA (copy to be kept in student file)
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