The Commercial Pilot Licence is for the individual who wishes to pursue a career in aviation.

A CPL enables you to fly for remuneration in a commercial environment.

Training is done in our 2-seater, locally designed and manufactured Sling aircraft. The course includes:


  • A starter pack that incorporates textbooks and related study materials
  • A Students Pilot Licence that is valid for 24 months
  • 30 hours of dual flight training with an instructor
  • 15 hours of solo flight training
  • 25 hours of ground school briefings (theoretical training)
  • 7 SACAA exams – Air Law, Principles of Flight, Aircraft Technical & General, Flight Planning & Performance, Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance. All exams require 75% to be considered a pass.
  • Restricted radio course with textbook and exam
  • A final flight test and briefing
  • PPL on achievement that is valid for 12 months
  • Aero Club membership (EAA 322) for a year

Night rating:

  • Sunset to Sunrise textbook
  • 15 hours of dual flight training with an instructor
  • 5 hours of ground school briefings (theoretical training)
  • SACAA Night exam.
  • A final Night flight test and briefing

Solo Consolidation and Cross-Country Flying:

  • 90 hours of solo flight time (hour building)
  • CPL manual
  • 10 CPL Lectures
  • General radio Licence
  • 8 SACAA CPL exams

IF and advanced single engine training:

  • 40 hours of IFR flight training
  • 15 hours of ground school briefings
  • SACAA IFR exam

CPL preparation training and CPL test:

  • 12 hours of flight training
  • 10 hours of ground school briefings
  • SACAA CPL exam
  • CPL Test

In addition to the above the student must obtain a Class I medical certificate and must be at least 18 years old. There is a minimum timeframe of 36 months to complete training after passing your last exam for CPL and a final flight test with a Designated Flight Examiner (DFE) will be required. A full time CPL course takes about 9-12 months to complete, but all courses are tailored to fit the individual’s requirements.

Our Passionate and suitably qualified instructors offer
Pilot training in the Locally
Designed and Manufactured Sling 2 & BushCat Aircraft
Experience the thrill of flight in Our Sling 2 & BushCat Aircraft
Johannesburg Flying Academy offers Hire & Fly /Hour building in our South African
Designed and Manufactured Sling 2 and BushCat Aircraft
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